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In Brief Writing started as a side project for writer Miranda Sajdak, after over a decade working as a writing and diversity consultant, screenwriter, and screenplay analyst in film and television.

Miranda frequently analyzes 1000 pages in a weekend, and can type over 100 words in a minute. With 100% client return rate, Miranda's work is considered among the top in her field.  

After exploring her abilities as a writer and content creator, Miranda branched out into consulting, providing writers with freelancing tips, assistance with screenwriting, helping with summarizing and condensing their work, and providing tips to maximize their time. 

My Mission

“Don’t let time waste you. “

Ryan Murphy Half Initiative

Mentor – Dan Minahan “Ratched” – Netflix


PlayStation Emerging Filmmakers

Writer/Producer – Pilot (Two Roads) – PlayStation Vue

The Next MacGyver

Winner – Pilot (Riveting) Optioned to Scott Free



The Quest Initiative

Winner – Feature (Mother&!$#er-In-Law) – Go Into the Story

Sajdak gives honest, incisive feedback, has great ideas and looks at a script with the eye of a director and producer. You’re in capable hands.

Savannah Dooley

Series Creator/Screenwriter

Miranda’s feedback is not only prompt but thorough. I can always count on her when I need quick, on point feedback, that keeps me on track with things that are working. She’s smart, well-read, with strong industry experience and a keen eye for grammar errors. A vital resource for any emerging writer.

Andrew Bluestone


Exceptionally prompt and professional, Miranda has provided feedback on everything from my web series to full length screenplay, always managing to catch what everyone else is missing. Her notes are unfailingly constructive, always encouraging, and absolutely necessary for making progress.

Audrey Shulman


What Can You Learn from Me?

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