If you’re anything like me, you can’t get your work done without your phone. Sometimes I feel overdependent on it, but whether or not that’s the case, I’m stuck with the thing.

As a result of using it all the time, I have to make sure I keep it protected. So, I wanted to take a minute to go over my experience looking for the best Samsung Galaxy S20 screen protectors.

I tried out a ton of screens this past weekend, so you can benefit from my experience (and hopefully save some time shopping). 

If you’re like me, you like to keep your phone safe, especially with how expensive smartphones are these days. 

I just got a Galaxy S20 a couple weeks ago, and I didn’t know what the best screen protectors were. I went online to all my favorite sites, like Android Authority, which has a good breakdown of a few top protectors.

And I browsed Amazon and BestBuy and Walmart, and I bought a bunch to try.

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Here are my thoughts on the very best of the best Samsung Galaxy S20 screen protectors:


The ArmorSuit Military Shield Screen Protector.

This plastic film is easy to put on, and left no bubbles.

If you’re looking for tempered glass, it’s not the same strength, but an easy install wins major points. Curved screen installation can be tough!

My only negative is: it seems to add some friction to the screen, so there’s a little bit of drag when I play games.

But, the fingerprint sensor works great, and it didn’t need me to re-install my prints.

And then, I had an accident… and my clumsy ass spilled some water near my phone.

Which… may have gotten onto the screen, and I couldn’t tell if it got under the protector or not.

So, I removed it, to be safe, and let the screen dry.

I probably could have re-applied it, but I was curious to try other protectors. But do note: the ArmorSuit is good, if you want film. 

After that one, I tried…

The Comfort Valley Screen Protector

This came in a 2-pack of tempered glass. I love a 2-pack. There is no cutout for the front-camera at the top. Just a full-face peel and stick. It sticks well on the front, but didn’t seem to fully adhere on the sides.

I worried that any movement in my pocket might cause the protector to slide off or break.

But, if you’re looking for a really-easy to apply glass protector, and you don’t carry your phone somewhere it might get jostled a lot, this is a good option. I found a similar hard screen protector at Walmart from Onn.

Reviews are iffy on the fingerprint sensor, but I didn’t take the time to add my prints. If you have this one and install your prints, let me know how it works. 

I ultimately decided it wasn’t secure enough for my type of use, and moved on to another film…

The Case-Friendly InvisibleShield S20 Protector from Zagg.

I couldn’t figure out how to get it to stick on to the phone.

The top stuck, but the bottom didn’t (it sort of split in half, while I was sticking it on?).

Maybe I’m doing it wrong! Or I need more instructions.

I promise, I’m good at instructions – I’ve built a LOT of Ikea furniture. On my own. I can do weird instructions in languages that aren’t English!

But… this one was rough. 

So, I moved on to another film one, still on the quest for the ultimate, very best Samsung Galaxy S20 screen protector.

The DeltaShield 3-Pack Case Friendly Screen Protector for the S20.   

This one is quite good at sticking, but it had a lot of air bubbles. A LOT. Like, “this feels like the old BlackBerry days” a lot.

I do think they may have smoothed out, if I’d waited the 8 hours overnight. And the installation is quick. But – air bubbles. The squeegee got out a bunch of them, but there were more left. 

I could have waited 8 hours, but I wanted to see if I could find something that worked faster. I do recommend this one, though, if you have the time to wait and prefer plastic film over glass. It felt like it had a pretty smooth face. 

The DeltaShield and the ArmorSuit are my two favorites for film options. 

Last up…

The amFilm Ultra Glass Screen Protector.

This is another tempered glass protector, with liquid adhesive and a UV light curing process. Similar to the Dome Glass, but fewer steps.

It seemed a lot easier to understand overall, both with and without the video.

I also like the way they package the film + additional elements. It comes in two separate boxes, so it makes it easy to set each piece out on the table for use.

The only negative was that I couldn’t turn my phone off while applying the adhesive, because the plastic case that holds the phone steady (with foam side-pads to soak up extra adhesive) kept hitting the power button.

I tried to snap the phone in the tray a bunch of different ways, but it was no use. So, I had to accept the phone would be on for my installation. I didn’t love that.

It’s a 1-piece tray, rather than the 2 pieces of the Dome Glass version, so it’s easier to get my phone to fit.

After installation, there was a little adhesive around the top and bottom. But not too much – it rolls right off with a quick brush of one finger. The protector adheres to the sides and face of the phone cleanly.

Another bonus: I was able to start using it right after installation, without any need to wait overnight. So – the overall speed is good. Probably factor in 8 minutes, start to finish.

I did need to read the instructions and watch the video, but the site is super easy to follow.

And, I will also note, the fingerprint scanner told me to double-scan my fingers after installation.

I did that, and it still requires more pressure to read them than it did with the plastic film.

So – if the scanner is your most important factor, maybe go with one of the film options.

But, if you want tempered glass, with a smooth feel to it and good protection so far – I’d go with amFilm. It fit both my cases nicely, as well.

And, by the way, these are my 2 cases:

The OtterBox Defender and the Spigen Rugged Armor. I feel good about both. Here’s why:

The OtterBox Defender for the Samsung Galaxy S20.

The OtterBox is a sturdy case. It sticks out a bit around the back camera, for added camera protection. But it has some weight to it, and I do notice its bulk in my pocket.

It comes with an added clip, if I want to clip it to my belt, should I want that.

In all, it’s 4 pieces:

The base – hard plastic.

A clip-on plastic frame to hold the phone in place.

With a rubber frame around that, for added structural protection.

And the belt clip.

I only use the first 3 pieces, but someone might want all 4. It feels very sturdy. The side-buttons are easy to press, but not so easy that they accidentally get pushed when my phone’s in my pocket. 

Spigen Rugged Armor for the Samsung Galaxy S20.

The Spigen is a nice case. It’s got a slim silhouette.

The case takes up less space and feels lighter in my pocket than the OtterBox.

It also feels sturdy, but it’s a single piece that snaps on easily.

I like it as a backup case, or as a way for me to have something extra slim if I have smaller pockets than usual.

Let me know if I’m right about what I think is the best screen protector for the Galaxy S20! If I missed any, I might just buy another one and try it out.