Pitch Your Project Professionally

A guide to how to pitch a project, ranging from a screenplay to a product and everything in between, from screenwriter Miranda Sajdak.

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About The Book

Writer Miranda Sajdak explores the path she took to creating a template for pitching a project, one she has used to win numerous screenplay pitch contests in the competitive entertainment industry. She has won prizes worth over $100k with her wins, had a TV pilot produced, and had a feature and two pilots optioned to reputable, well known entertainment companies, as a result. 

Sajdak has compiled a list of each of the key elements she uses to plan each pitch, as well as including free templates for verbal, written, and email-based pitches.

If you’re looking for help crafting a great pitch for your next project, this book is on the must-read list. 

Have you ever struggled to come up with a clean, precise way to pitch your idea to someone? Now you don’t have to.

About the author.

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Miranda is a freelance writer, screenwriter, and consultant, based out of California. Having won numerous screenwriting pitch contests, she developed this book to help other writers and creative folks who might need some help in pitching ideas. While the process of writing is often heavily taught, the process of pitching can be a mystery. Here, that mystery is explored and dissected, with an eye towards helping other writers pitch successfully.

With an interest in getting new voices heard, Miranda is passionate about using her knowledge to help other people achieve success. Her latest book is available through Gumroad and coming soon from other outlets. 

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