How Upgrading to Philips Hue Lights Made Me a Better Writer

If you’re a writer, you probably have a place you like to work. Maybe it’s your local coffee shop, or your home office, or on the beach (okay, most of us like to work on the beach).

Wherever it is, the environment contributes to your productivity and your emotional state. Whether we realize it or not, we can be motivated more or de-motivated by where we work.

For me, my home office is my Workspace of Choice. I enjoy the quiet, being able to control the temperature, what equipment I need (my laptop, pens, notebooks), and the lighting.

Which brings me to this post.

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What’s the Deal with Smart Lights?

When I first heard of smart lights, I was skeptical. I thought that it was another gimmicky smart-home thing that I would never use (sorry, Alexa, I’m just not that into you).

And most of the smarthome systems I knew of were “fully integrated,” systems that would turn on your lights, set your alarm, set your temperature, and cook you dinner, all at once.

But then I tried Bespoke Post. Basically, Bespoke Post (this isn’t an affiliate link, just something I enjoy) is a subscription box like StitchFix or Breo Box – though it’s more about functional home goods. I tried a few boxes when they started becoming popular, and I couldn’t find one I really liked. The clothing ones weren’t quite right in style, and the other ones didn’t have stuff I liked enough.

A friend recommended Bespoke Post, and I gave it a shot. I really like it, because I can skip a month whenever I want, and they have a lot of practical items, like kitchen equipment and camping gear. And you can shop from their separate online store, if you want more than one of their boxes or more than one product. 

My first box was the Weekender bag, and it was too bulky for me. So, I gave it away, and figured Bespoke might not be for me.

But then, I got offered a box that had the Philips Hue lighting system.

The Bespoke Post package included the Bridge (which connects to your WiFi router), and allowed you to choose how many bulbs you wanted (for an extra charge, depending on how many). I added a few in and decided to test it out somewhere neutral, in my living room.

One of the nice things about that space is that it’s a lot bigger than my office, so it needs more light to feel bright.

I tried out the lights, and I was amazed. The ones I have are called “White Ambiance.” They also have separate multicolored lights, dimmers, lighting strips, lamps, and other white lights, but I love the Ambiance ones.

Here’s why:

Because the light palette runs from white (cool) to yellow (warm), you can mimic daylight or a more golden sunset feel. You can put them on a timer to go on while you’re not at home, or at night to show that someone’s in the house.

And, you can control it all from your phone or computer.

Before I knew it, I was installing Philips lights around the house.

Once I put them in my office, it was a gamechanger. I could tell that the “Concentrate” setting helped me get a lot more continuous work done, without feeling  distracted. I’ve been stressed (because of the pandemic and other life events), and struggling to concentrate. These lightbulbs changed the game for me. Rather than feeling like I could only get one or two things done per day, I was plowing through four or five. Not back up to my pre-pandemic speed, but way better than before.

I recommend the Philips Hue system if you’re looking for something to help you have more environmental control. I really think upgrading to Philips Hue lights made me a better writer.

And I hope it can work for you, too! Let me know if you’ve tried these lights out below, or if there are other smarthome products you recommend!